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VBT - Interview and Giveaway - Tracy Sweeney - Living Backwards

Please describe your novel twitter style 140 characters or less.
Back in high school with a bump on the head, a flask in her pocket and a cute boy on a bike. Don’t change the past? Harder than you think.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before you tried to get published?
Getting Oprah to love your book is hard work.  You might think that it’s not but it totally is.  Also, when you’re done with the review/editing process, do it all over again.

What to you is the best part of being a writer and what is the part you wouldn’t mind giving up?
The best part is when a reader truly connects with something you’ve written.  You create these characters, you make decisions for them and you just hope that someone enjoys the crazy things that go on in your head.  I made you cry?  YES!  I win.

I think the worst part is that you can’t force the words to come. If I happen upon a night when my kids are asleep and I’m not exhausted, it’s the perfect time to write.  The words don’t always cooperate though and that’s frustrating.  I need the world to stop for me when I’m ready to write.

What city would you love to set a story in but the right one hasn’t come along yet?
I’m in love with Southern Italy – Sorrento, Capri, Positano.  Just looking at pictures of lemon trees and coastlines can cheer me up on a rough day.  I’d naturally have to live in the area while I’m writing to do it justice!

Vampires, Shifters, Zombies, Angels - who wins the final ultimate battle?
I read World War Z and know that zombies can be formidable opponents.  But let’s assume we have ammunition and can pick those bad boys off with some shotguns.  Vamps have too many constraints.   They’re toast come daylight.  While angels can fly, shifters can take the shape of anything they want.  I’m putting my money on the shifters.  I, however, will be in hiding.
If you could witness any historical event past, present or future what would it be and why?
I’d love to travel to the Valley of the Kings someday.  So I’d like to witness the building of the pyramids.  Let’s be clear.  I want to witness the building of the pyramids.  I do not plan to assist.  Maybe just get a tan.

If you were going to cowrite a new book, who would you want to write it with?
I’ve talked about writing with a friend of mine whose style I just love.  We’ve written short, goofy things together and had the best time.  This, of course, is only if Tina Fey isn’t available.  Sorry, Sarine.  I know you understand.
What books are currently on your nightstand?
What happens if I don’t have a nightstand?  Ok.  On my theoretical nightstand (which in my head is pink), I have Angelfall by Susan Ee and Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor but I’ll drop everything when Allegiant by Veronica Roth hits the shelves.

What is the best thing you have done in the name of research?
I’d like to say that I rode around on the back of a motorcycle holding onto a really cute boy.  Sadly, I have not.  I do, however, have a pretty extensive flask collection and have tried to master the art of the perfect martini.

When writing what is your favorite part of the story?
I’m such a wimpy reader.  I have such a hard time reading angst and conflict.  It makes me physically ill. But as a writer?  There is nothing better than dishing out drama—taking every crushing, depressed emotion and bleeding onto the page.  But I promise to make it all better in the end.  I’m nice like that.   

Anything else you would like to share today?
Well, thank you for having me!  Chat me up on Twitter at @pink_flask.  I talk about cheeseburgers and books that make me swoon.  Or we could talk about ancient Egypt.  I’m easy that way.

Living Backwards
by Tracy Sweeney



Twenty-nine-year-old Jillian Cross refuses to believe that a pair of skinny jeans has led to her untimely demise. Life just isn't that cruel. But when an overly-enthusiastic attempt at squeezing herself into them leads her to fall and lose consciousness, she is faced with just that possibility. When she awakens with both a bruised ego and a bump on her head, she's not in her tiny apartment but her childhood bedroom circa 1999-the spring of her senior year in high school. Jillian knows that time travel isn't logical. But then again, neither was her decision to wear skinny jeans. As she attempts to navigate her way through the halls of Reynolds High, walking the same path and making the same choices she made years before, she knows that any change she makes can have a catastrophic effect on her future. But when she strikes up an unexpected friendship with motorcycle-riding, cigarette-smoking Luke Chambers, can she pretend to be the same shy girl she once was? At least she has her pink sparkly flask to take the edge off. One little change won't hurt, right?



My mind suddenly flashed back to the prom posters littering the walls of Reynolds High. The prom committee chose Mariah Carey’s I Still Believe for a prom song which I felt was pretty cheesy especially since Brenda K. Starr sang it better. But the prom song didn’t really concern me. On prom night, I was not at the “I Still Believe” prom. I was at the dentist. Unfortunately, when you spend your entire high school career in the library or at home with your nose in a book, you don’t meet many members of the opposite sex. So instead of sitting at home sulking because I was missing my prom, I decided to try and distract myself….by getting my teeth cleaned. My prom date gave me a spit bib instead of a corsage.  Thank you, Dr. Grayson, D.D.S. It was a magical evening.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tracy Sweeney graduated with a degree in Management and Finance but prefers writing
ridiculous things to crunching ridiculous numbers. She lives north of Boston, Massachusetts with her two young boys. Her short stories have appeared in Literary Juice, Solecisms and Slice of Life Magazines. Her debut novel, LIVING BACKWARDS, was published in January 2013.  She is currently working on her second novel which will be equally as ridiculous. 

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  1. Thank you for having me, Donna! I've been posing your vampire, shifter, angel or zombie question to all of my friends. Not an easy answer! :)