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Pure Imagination: Birthday Blogoversary Bash Kickoff and Giveaway!!

Pure Imagination: Birthday Blogoversary Bash Kickoff and Giveaway!!: "Today marks the kick-off of my Blogoversary and Birthday month! It's, of course, also the holidays so we can't not celebrate!December 16th ..."

Holiday Giveaway Announcement!!!

Holiday Giveaway Announcement!!!

70 books are being given away. Ends today so hurry over.

-Ramblings Of A Teenage Bookworm-: Giving thanks....Contest!

-Ramblings Of A Teenage Bookworm-: Giving thanks....Contest!: "Hey Everybody! Happy Thanksgiving!I just wanted to thank you all for everything, blogging has become a fun part of my life, I LOVE it and b..."

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Review - Low Red Moon

Low Red MoonLow Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good story. Well written. Found it a little short for a full length novel. Would have liked the story to be longer. Looking forward to more from this author though.

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Review - Full Dark, No Stars

Full Dark, No StarsFull Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

1922 - The first story is almost like a classic King novella. I can totally see it being made into a movie. There was parts that totally creeped me out and parts where I was just almost in shock. Its a story only a really great storyteller like King can share.

Big Driver - The second story in the book was definitely not like the first. Very well told and really doesnt end up quite the way you expect it to. Very good twists.

Fair Extension - Really enjoyed this one. I can totally see the "bad" character as a reoccuring character. And I really do hope we see him again. He totally made the story.

A Good Marriage - Not the strongest in the batch. Not a bad story and definitely well written. Just more forgettable than the others.

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Review - This Time for Keeps

This Time for Keeps (Harlequin Superromance)This Time for Keeps by Jenna Mills

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not my usual type of story. But it was well written and very well set up and done. Turned out to be a very emotional book as well.

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 Sparkling Reviews: Nook Giveaway!

 Sparkling Reviews: Nook Giveaway!: "Nook Color Giveaway! I had a Nook Color donated from a very generous person (who wished to remain anonymous)  for a giveaway! So t..."

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Amaterasu Reads: Christmas Countdown: Day 14: Every Girl's Guide Te...

Amaterasu Reads: Christmas Countdown: Day 14: Every Girl's Guide Te...: "And so we’ve finally come to the end of Christmas Countdown. Before anything else, Precious and I would like to thank every single one of th..."

Beyond Words 100 Followers Contest

Beyond Words is having a great contest to celebrate reaching and passing 100 followers. You can win some great pre-orders. Check it out here. Contest ends on 1/2.

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Author Kris Cook is at BBB

Author Kris Cook is at Bitten by Books celebrating a new release. Dont miss this chance to ask an author those questions you always wanted answered and maybe win a cool prize.

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Second Annual Inkies Giveaway Extravaganza

The Enchanted Inkpot is at it again. They are having a amazing giveaway. Pictured are some of the books you can win. Go here for more details and to enter. Ends 12/17.

Author Annie Nicholas Release Party and Contest LIVE at BBB

Annie Nicholas is at Bitten by Books today. Go here to check it out.

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Author Sarah Beth Durst Interview and Contest LIVE at BBB

Sarah is at Bitten by Books today celebrating her new release. Check it out here!

Original Sin ARC Contest

If you loved Personal Demons you don't want to miss this. Lisa is giving away the first Original Sin ARC on her blog. Go here to enter. But hurry it ends tonight (12/2) at midnight.

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Author Cheyenne McCray Release Party and Contest LIVE at BBB

Cheyenne has a great sounding new book out and shes at Bitten by Books to celebrate and chat. Theres also a great contest. Go check it out.

Waiting On Wednesday - The Midnight Tunnel

From GoodReads:

A mysterious adventure of self-discovery that reveals shocking secrets!
It is 1905 and young Suzanna works at her family's inn in Loch Harbor, New Brunswick, where she is trained to be a well-mannered hostess and a charming lady. Suzanna has other ideas for her future--she wants to be a detective. When a young guest goes missing on a stormy summer night, Suzanna's famous detective uncle, and idol, comes to solve the case. But Suzanna learns that not everything is as it seems. With a little help from her friends, can she solve the mystery of the missing girl before her uncle gives up?

Release date: March 1, 2011

Not Enough Bookshelves: Welcome to the the  Second Year of the Couples C...

Not Enough Bookshelves: Welcome to the the 

Second Year of the Couples C...
: "Welcome to the the  Second Year of the Couples Christmas Countdown! The build up to Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I l..."

Contest Links for 12/1

Alliterative Allomorph Follower Giveaway - Ends 12/2

Win Hunger - Ends 12/5

Win The Lost Saint ARC - Ends 12/5

Cuzinlogic Holiday Gift Giveaway - Ends 12/5

Win The Lost Saint ARC - Ends 12/5

Win Vampires Not Invited - Ends 12/5

Win Tempted by Fate - Ends 12/14

Win Unforgivable - Ends 12/14

Win Tempted by Fate - Ends 12/14

Win Bonds of Justice - Ends 12/27

Couples Christmas Countdown Giveaway

Win Hunger

Author Cynthia Eden Character Interview and Contest LIVE at BBB

Cynthia is at Bitten by Books with a great Character Interview and a contest you dont want to miss. Check it out here!

Author Christina Henry Interview and Contest LIVE at BBB

Christina is celebrating her new release at Bitten and Books. Check it out here.

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Leelou Blogs: Welcome to Day 3 of Leelou's Favorite Things Givea...

Leelou Blogs: Welcome to Day 3 of Leelou's Favorite Things Givea...: "Welcome to Day 3 of Leelou's Favorite Things Giveaways. I take my absolute favorite things from the year and give you a chance to win them! ..."

Author Marjorie M. Liu Release Party and Contest LIVE at BBB

Visit Bitten by Books today for a great Release Party and Contest with Marjorie. Trust me you don't want to miss this one.

Author Lisa Desrochers Interview and Contest LIVE at BBB

Lisa is at Bitten by Books answering questions and hosting a great giveaway. Dont miss it.

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Sparkling Reviews Nook Giveaway

If you liked Sparkling Reviews last Kindle contest you will not want to miss this one. This time they are giving away a Nook Color. But they have to reach 1100 followers first. Go here, follow and enter. Dont miss your chance!

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Gratitude Giveaways Ends 11/28

If you havent seen it theres currently a great event going around called Gratitude Giveaways. They all end on 11/28. Below are a few of my favorites that I have found. (In no particular order)

The Happy Booker
Knitting and Sundries
Blkosiner's Book Blog
Murphy's Library
Musings of a Reader Happy
Bitsy Bling Books
Missy's Reads & Reviews
A Little Hope

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Review - To The Limit

To the Limit (Bodyguard, #2)To the Limit by Cindy Gerard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved Cindy's Black Ops series when I found it over the summer. After reading those I had to start the Bodyguard series. The first in the series was good but this one was so much better. I loved it and didnt want to stop reading. If you are looking for a good romantic suspense this is definitely one you have to pick up. While I also am one of those that doesnt read a series out of order, you really dont have to read the first Bodyguard book to read this one.

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Review - Indulgence in Death

Indulgence in Death (In Death, #31) Indulgence in Death (In Death, #31) by J.D. Robb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really never thought I would still like a series this much after 31 books. But this is another excellent case in the Eve and Roarke world and if you liked the ones previous you need to pick this one up asap.

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Contest Links for 11/21

November Debut Contest - Ends 11/26

Win The Sapphire Talisman - Ends 11/26

Maeva's Birthday Giveaway - Ends 11/27

Elisabeth Naughton Book Giveaway - Ends 11/28

Blogoversary Giveaway Win a CSN Giftcard - Ends 11/30

Win the Monstrumologist - Ends 12/3

Thanksgiving Contest - Ends 12/6

Loud Words & Sounds: Thanks to the 1st Event

Loud Words & Sounds is having a fun event until the end of the month called Thanks to the 1st. Check out all the events here.
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Sparkling Reviews Amazon Giveaway

Sparkling Reviews is not only having an awesome Kindle contest. (Dont forget to enter and soon, ends 11/18!) They are also offering up 2 $25 Amazon Giftcards to try and get enough followers for the next level prize as well. But hurry this ends on 11/20. Enter here.

The Book Depository 10% Off

Spread the Christmas Love from The Book Depository.

If anyone would like a 10% voucher from The Book Depository leave a comment with your email below and I will send one out.

Thanks! Lets spread the love and buy books for the holidays this year!

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Guest Post - Scott Nicholson and Kindle Giveaway Blog Tour

The Writing Life
By Scott Nicholson

If you read too many writing blogs, you might get the impression that writers sit around in coffee shops all day discussing “Bird By Bird” and the hermeneutic elements inherent in Wolfe’s Look Homeward Angel.

I don’t know how other writers do it, but I’m working by the seat of my pants. Butt in chair. Stealing moments that are probably better spent on family and community. But I reconcile it with the notion that I am sharing ideas that help us learn about the world—sometimes the message isn’t pretty, but we’re here to survive, not look good.

So as I sit here in my little in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, 12 miles from the nearest gas station, I can tell you what you support when you buy my books, and why I don’t “need” your money.

The two biggest purchases I’ve made in the past year are a beat-up 1985 pickup and a chainsaw. Sure, I’ve made a little extra money on books this year, but I paid down on the house and I gave a little away. I don’t really like money that much. The universe always delivers when an expense arises, almost in perfect concert with the need. In 1998 my son needed braces. At the same time, I won a big crash prize in the international Writers of the Future contest. My daughter will need braces next year. Disintegration became a Kindle bestseller. Who can argue with the synchronicity of such things?

What do I do when I am not writing? I cut firewood. I tend my organic garden. I save seeds, which is more than just a blooming sideline business—I have a mission of preserving rarer strains, particularly a few Cherokee varieties indigenous to the area that moved West on the Trail of Tears during the forced displacement of the tribe. I take care of my chickens. I don’t kill them, though I eat their eggs, but I feel that’s a fair trade for protecting them for all those beasties out there who like things that taste like chicken.

I work as a newspaper reporter and have won press association awards. I have a reputation of being fair and accurate. I respect the people I write about, even when I disagree with their positions. I go to lots of different churches but I am a small-T taoist. I’m a small-L libertarian, but my political and moral philosophy falls under what I call “compassionate self-reliance”—take care of yourself but do just a little extra for the next guy who might not be so fortunate.

When you buy my books, you’re doing more than just trading me money for my time and ideas and talent. You are investing in this approach. If I were whoring and doping and investing in polluting industry, I’d be ashamed to ask for your support. I am not arrogant or smug about it, but I try to do good wherever I go, as best I can.

Sure, sometimes I fall prey to ego or desire or fear. And when I do, it usually goes right into a story and flushes itself out. And I write the next sentence and turn the next page. I don’t know anything about the “writing life.” This is the only life I know.

This week’s Scott special is As I Die Lying, 99 cents for a limited time.

Scott Nicholson is author of 12 novels, including the thrillers Disintegration, Drummer Boy, Forever Never Ends, The Skull Ring, Burial to Follow, and They Hunger. His revised novels for the U.K. Kindle are Creative Spirit, Troubled, and Solom. He’s also written four comic series, six screenplays, and more than 60 short stories. His story collections include Ashes, The First, Murdermouth: Zombie Bits, and Flowers.

To be eligible for the Kindle DX or Kindle 3, simply post a comment below with contact info. Feel free to debate and discuss the topic, but you will only be entered once per blog. Visit all the blogs on the tour and increase your odds. I’m also giving away a Kindle 3 through the tour newsletter and a Pandora’s Box of free e-books to a follower of “hauntedcomputer” on Twitter. Thanks for playing. Complete details at
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Guest Post - Vincent Zandri

Writing Advice for Newbies
By Vincent Zandri

Lately, a lot of interviewers have been asking me to lend some advice to newbie writers, especially young people just starting out. So for better or worse, here it is:

1. Stay in school. No writer who has to work three jobs as a dishwasher just to pay his rent ever managed to write the great American novel. Course I could be wrong here.

2. Read everything you can, starting with the classics, the Hemingways, the Faulkners, the Fitzgeralds, the Mailers, the Conrads, the Tolstoys…Skip the Dickens except for Tale of Two Cities. Especially read novels in your favorite genre. If you love noir, read all the Parker, Hammett, Spillane, Huston, and Zandri you can get your hands on. Then read some more.

3. Write like crazy, even if its just character sketches. Learn to pack the biggest punch using the least amount of words possible. And always keep a notebook with you at all times.

4. Be a newspaper reporter first. Write for an editor who demands timely, terse, 100-300 words pieces twice a day. Pieces that require a beginning, a middle and a resolution in the smallest amount of space possible. The job should be extremely low paying, and extremely high pressure. But do it anyway. Not only will you build up clips, but you will learn to work under pressure, when you don’t feel like it, when you’re hung over, when you’ve just found out your girlfriend is sleeping with your best friend behind your back, when an asteroid is approaching planet earth… Trust me, even Hemingway will tell you there is no better training for a would-be novelist.

5. Don’t be a newspaper reporter for too long. 3 to 5 years max. Then become a freelance writer and split your creative time between articles for magazines and newspapers, both online and paper (by 2020 it will be all online), and writing fiction. Write some short stories and try and get them published. Then start your novel. Don’t stop writing the novel until you have a complete draft, even if it’s crap. You can always edit or start another one.

6. Don’t get married or have children. You won’t be able to afford it. Also, for ten years or so, your writing will be both spouse and mistress. You're legal sig other won't be able to compete. have a boyfriend/girlfriend instead.

7. Share an apartment with friends if you can and don’t buy a new car. By a beater.

8. Get a passport and travel to as many destinations as you can. Never stay home for more than a couple of months at a time.

9. Live in Europe for a year. Europeans are different from Americans. They don’t place as a high value on making money the way we do.

10. Persevere, even when the dream seems impossible. Never give up! Because what do you call writers who never give up? Published!

Vincent Zandri is an award-winning novelist, essayist and freelance photojournalist. His novel As Catch Can (Delacorte) was touted in two pre-publication articles by Publishers Weekly and was called “Brilliant” upon its publication by The New York Post. The Boston Herald attributed it as “The most arresting first crime novel to break into print this season.” Other novels include the bestselling, Moonlight Falls,Godchild (Bantam/Dell) and Permanence (NPI). Translated into several languages including Japanese and the Dutch, Zandri’s novels have also been sought out by numerous major movie producers, including Heyday Productions and DreamWorks. Presently he is the author of the blogs, Dangerous Dispatches and Embedded in Africa for Russia Today TV (RT). He also writes for other global publications, including Culture 11, Globalia and Globalspec. Zandri’s nonfiction has appeared in New York Newsday, Hudson Valley Magazine, Game and Fish Magazine and others, while his essays and short fiction have been featured in many journals including Fugue, Maryland Review and Orange Coast Magazine. He holds an M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College and is a 2010 International Thriller Writer’s Awards panel judge. Zandri currently divides his time between New York and Europe. He is the drummer for the Albany-based punk band to Blisterz.

His latest book is the bestselling thriller novel, The Remains.
You can visit his website at or his blog at


Thanks Vincent for the great guest post and Pump Up Your Book for allowing me to be a part of this tour. I am really looking forward to reading The Remains. Look for my review on December 17th.

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Wolf Signs Winner

Congrats to Sarah for winning a copy of Wolf Signs.

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Juliana Stone Guest Blog and Contest at BBB

Juliana Stone at is Bitten by Books with a great guest blog and contest. Go check it out.

Rachel Caine Release Party and Contest at BBB

Rachel Caine is at Bitten by Books for a Release Party for her new book Ghost Town. And just wait until you see what she is giving away. Trust me you dont want to miss this one.

Contest Links for 10/26

October Debut Contest - Ends 10/29

Pre-Holiday Pre-Order Giveaway - Ends 10/29

Spooktacular Finds in Reading Giveaway Wk 2- Ends 10/30

Spooktacular Finds in Reading Giveaway Wk 3- Ends 10/30

Halloween Book Giveaway - Ends 10/30

Extreme Reader Book Reviews Blogoversary - Ends 10/31

Win Dracula in Love - Ends 10/31

Win The Heir of Night - Ends 10/31

Paranormal Romance Giveaway - Ends 10/31

Emilie's Book World 150 Followers Giveaway - Ends 11/1

Win Angelfire - Ends 11/7

Halloween Book Giveaway - Ends 10/30

Win Edge of Sight - Ends 11/5

Win The Disappearance - Ends 11/5

Win an ARC of Eternal Flame - Ends 11/5

Adrian Phoenix Giveaway - Ends 11/5

Win Misguided Angel - Ends 11/5

Juliana Stone Giveaway - Ends 11/5

Win The Tale of Halcyon Crane - Ends 11/6

Book Pixie Birthday Contest 1 - Ends 11/15

Dreaming of Books Blogoversary Contest - Ends 11/24

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My Review of 30" Faux Fleece Cat Tree in Sky Blue

Originally submitted at CSN Stores


  • Constructed of pressed wood
  • Covered with sky blue faux fleece
  • Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools
  • Overall Dimensions: 30" H x 25" W x 25" L
  • Base Dimensions: 16" W x 16" D

Great deal

By Donna S from St Louis, MO on 10/25/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Attractive Design, Fun

Best Uses: House Cats, Active Cats, Small Cats

Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner

Its a very sturdy product. Easy to put together and fast to assemble, with easy to follow instructions. I actually have rather large cats and while this is not a giant cat tree they do fit on it. They dont have extra room but can sit and lay down without problems. Smaller cats would have more space on it. Its not a large product so perfect for apartment living. The only thing I would change is the color!


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Review - Haunted Honeymoon

Haunted Honeymoon at Casa Dracula (Casa Dracula, #4)Haunted Honeymoon at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review based on ARC version =

I have loved this series since I read the first one about a year or so ago. Its been so much fun to watch Milagro in her adventures and see what she has become. I am glad I picked it up on a whim and got to enjoy the ride with her over the course of the series.

This book as well as the previous ones is full of interesting characters. They are really people you just wish you knew and could hang out with for a evening. Even if its in a back room of the barn talking!

While I am sad to see her go and wish the series was going to continue on. I am glad this is how her story is ending for now. Without giving anything away. I was happy with where and with who she ended up along with what happened to some of the other main characters. There were a couple of tough/emotional moments in the book but everything resolved so well I couldnt have asked for a better ending.

If you havent read this series yet, go pick up the first one. You wont regret it.

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