Friday, July 19, 2013

Review - The Unwanted

A Novella Of The FBI Psychics

She doesn’t want him. He doesn’t need her. Like hell…

Destin Mortin’s psychic gift comes with an ugly twist—she excels at tracking down violent rapists. But it’s rough on relationships. Once, her partner Caleb was her everything: filter, shield, rescuer, lover. The only man who didn’t think her a freak. Then he walked away.

Destin turned her back on the FBI to work for a private agency, but now a particularly horrendous case has come up, and her boss wants her paired with only the best.

For Caleb Durand, leaving Destin was an act of self-preservation. Every time she flung herself headlong into dangerous situations, every time he nursed her through soul-crushing visions, he’d died a little more inside.

Now they are forced to work together one last time. Tragedy has changed them both, but Caleb knows if he lowers his shields for an instant, he won’t have an icicle’s chance in hell of resisting the temptation to lose himself in her wild power.

But to catch the rapist, it’s exactly what he’ll have to do.

Warning: Contains tortured souls who have lost love and pined for their missing half, a woman who can see evil, and a hot FBI agent.

My review:

I think by now you all know how much I love this series.  And this one is no exception.  As this is a novella instead of a full length novel I will keep the review short and sweet too.

Once again we have interesting characters with an involved background that we learn about but doesnt bog down the stories progress.  Watching the chemistry spark back and forth as they try to learn to work together again and face their pasts is a not to be missed ride you wont ever forget.

While it is story 3.5 in the series.  It is not necessary to read the ones that came before it, you should just because they are great stories.  But you don't have to read them first to enjoy this one.  If you love romantic suspense you really don't want to miss it. 

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