Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review - One Hot Knight

Stupid curse!
Yves Sucat was a Crusader trapped in a canine body…until a beautiful twenty-first century dog groomer offered the missing link to break his spell. But Regina Patterson was no fluffy-headed female who would instantly melt at Yves' silvery seduction. The more time he spent with the tender-hearted blonde, the less he was able to keep his paws—hands!—off of her.

Regina was much more comfortable with dogs than men, and the stunningly handsome – stunningly male – knight who now shared her apartment was no exception. She’d hoped to find a man as loyal as the pooches she pampered day after day, but would Yves’s broken curse end with her own broken heart?

My review:

This was a fun, light paranormal with great moments of humor.  Just from the setup alone - a crusader trapped in a dogs body in the 21st century - you hope the story ends up making you laugh.  And Im happy to say it did not disappoint.  

Yves has been cursed for 900 years by a witch who misunderstood a situation she caught him in.  Sadly even though he did not do what she thought she would not believe anyone and remove the curse.  He has spent centuries trying to find the one person who can remove it.  When Regina finds him in the park and takes him to her shop where she runs an elite dog grooming business, he starts to hope again she might be the one to break the curse. Once Regina finds out what happened to Yves she is determined to help him find a way. 

This is definitely more of a light paranormal and it works perfectly that way.  The darkest thing in the story is the evil witch and the curse.  Watching the two main characters get to know each other and Yves adjust to modern living is fun to watch along with the stories Regina has to invent to not only explain this dog she found and keeps but also this man that starts coming with her everywhere.  You really root for them to find a way to break the curse and keep Yves in human form.

This was just an awesome, fun story that I recommend to anyone looking for a light paranormal.  I personally am looking forward to whats next from this author.

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