Friday, July 26, 2013

Review - The Night is Alive


It's a city of beauty, history & hauntings. And one of the most haunted places in Savannah is a tavern called The Dragonslayer, built in the 1750s. The current owner, Gus Anderson, is a descendant of the original innkeeper and his pirate brother, Blue.

Gus summons his granddaughter, Abigail, home from Virginia, where she's studying at the FBI Academy. When she arrives, she's devastated to find him dead. Murdered. But Abby soon learns that Gus isn't the only one to meet a brutal and untimely end; there've been at least two other victims. Then Captain Blue Anderson starts making ghostly appearances, and the FBI's paranormal investigation unit, the Krewe of Hunters, sends in Agent Malachi Gordon.

Abby and Malachi have a similar ability to connect with the dead;and a similar stubbornness. Sparks immediately begin to fly; sparks of attraction and discord. But as the death toll rises, they have to trust each other or they, too, might find themselves among the dead haunting old Savannah!

My review:

For anyone that knows me they know I love Heather Graham's books and while this one is no exception it is also one of my favorites so far.  I think all the Krewe books are great and interesting.  But this one drew me in more than the others.  I loved the backdrop and background she included and the setting was well detailed and described so it almost became its own character in the story.  Along with pieces of the history that has taken place in Savannah you could really envision the locations where the story took place.

The mystery was intriguing and kept me guessing.  I thought the main characters had a great history and development.  And watching them learn to trust each other and learn to get along and work together provided a great piece to the story.  The secondary characters as well were interesting and some played a key part in the story.  Also it was nice to see some of the other Krewe members make an appearance. 

As I said the mystery was well developed and played perfectly with the setting.  We were kept guessing with the characters as to who did it all the way up to the end.  And it was definitely a complete surprise.

The Krewe books are some of my favorites and I look forward to the next one.  Anyone who hasn't read them yet should definitely start.   And you can start anywhere with them, while characters might reoccur, the current story is completely contained in each individual book.

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