Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coastal Magic Author Spotlight - Angie Fox

What made you decide to go to Coastal Magic in 2014?
My goal in life is to defeat Alyssa Day at laser tag, and now, thanks to Coastal Magic 2014, I have my chance. Bwa-ha-ha-ha (Yes, that's my evil laugh. I use it often.)

What are you looking forward to the most while there?
Three days of talking books with readers and authors. It's a rare thing to meet people who love paranormal books as much as I do and I intend to revel like the book whore I am.

Will you have a new release or be promoting any specific book or series at the convention?
Yes, well My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding just came out, so I'm actually
thinking about attending the dress up even as a demon slayer bride. It's either that or a biker witch (also from the book). I'll also be promoting Immortally Ever After, which is the last book in the trilogy about a paranormal MASH unit. But I'll only dress up as a paranormal surgeon heroine if I can be assured there will be hunky demi-god special ops soldier there to sweep me off my feet. For research purposes, of course.

Is there anything you would like to share with the attendees before they get there?  Or anything you want to share with those still deciding if they want to go?
Yes. Books. Authors. Daytona Beach in February. Enough said.

Angie Fox


About Coastal Magic Convention:

Formally Olde City New Blood in 2014 it will be a fun weekend in Daytona Beach happening in February.  Full of great events for lovers of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.   With plenty of chances to meet and talk to some of your favorite authors.  This is an event you don't want to miss.  And did I say Florida in February!  There couldn't be a better time of year for such an awesome gathering. 

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