Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review - The Problem with Power

The Problem with Power
Agnes Jayne

Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

ISBN: 978-1-937254-63-6

Number of pages:306
Word Count:  96,000

Book Description:
Emily VonPeer hopes that she never meets the man of her dreams. For years, she's been haunted by visions of an unknown lover destined to die in her arms. When her aunt's death brings her home to her family's estate in Upstate New York, she meets Nicholas Flynn, an agent of Paladin, an enterprise dedicated to the study and eradication of demons, and the hero of her nighttime fantasies. He arrives on her doorstep seeking answers for a slew of magically-related murders tied to the VonPeer family.
Although his intentions are suspect, Emily follows Nicholas into the investigation, hoping to spare him the fate promised by her premonitions - at least, that's what she tells herself. When their exchange with a demon goes awry, Emily sustains an injury that threatens to turn her into a monster. Her transformation places her in the crosshairs of sorcerers, senators, and a seductive stranger who promises eternity.

My review:

This was a very interesting, well done story.  It has all the twists and turns of a good suspense while adding a dose of the paranormal and romance.

Emily knows she descends from a line of witches but doesnt believe she has any power.  Nicholas was born to be a demon hunter but has issues with others of his type.  Emily has dreamed of Nicholas since she was little and has hoped never to meet him because her dreams never end well for him.  But when he shows up on her estate one day, investigating mysterious events and disappearances including that of her aunt.  She feels she has to do whatever she can to help him.

The characters both main and secondary are well developed and interesting.  You want to read their stories and find out about them.  Following along on their journey is fun and great to read. 

My only issue with the book was at the beginning a couple times I got lost with characters and past history that I felt we should know.  Either explained in this story or from a previous.  However, it didnt last long and did come together in a way that made sense.

All in all it was a great book and I am looking forward to reading more from this author. 


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