Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review - The Reunited

From the national bestselling author of The Departed comes an all new novel of danger, intrigue, and a love stronger than death...


With his strong psychic ability, FBI Agent Joss Crawford longs for the woman he loved in a past life. But after years of searching, a new case is drawing him into the last place he'd ever want to find her: an underground slave ring. Going undercover to infiltrate the network, he meets Drucella Chapman--the mastermind's fiancee. Joss has every reason to believe she's evil. So why is he irresistibly drawn to her?


Drucella has made it her personal mission to bring the slave ring down. But the sadistic ring leader is even more careful than he is cruel. In order to gain information, Dru has had to get close to the very man she wishes to kill, psychically reading his memories bit by bit. she'd do anything to finish the job, but agreeing to marry him may have been a step too far--even for her.


Though Joss and Dru are both undercover, nothing can disguise the sense of deja vu they experience when they meet. Neither can afford to be distracted from the mission at hand, but perhaps their reunion is exactly what this mission needs...

My review:

If you have not read this series you should start right away.  While this is the third book they all stand alone just fine. 

Here we have another romantic suspense with paranormal elements.  Both Joss and Dru have their own abilities to work with.  But can they overcome attraction, mistrust and other obsticles to end up working together to achieve the same goal?

Its a fast paced ride as we watch them battle their attraction while both working undercover to take down a human trafficking ring.  The characters are well developed and have their own mysteries to figure out while figuring out how to complete the case and why they have such an intense connection.

Characters from the previous two books in the series make supporting appearances.  They do manage to stay as supporting characters. It is great, however, to see them again and see where they are after their stories have taken place.

I really enjoy this series and am looking forward to reading more.  If you are looking for a fast paced suspense this is one you dont want to miss.

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