Monday, August 20, 2012

Review - The Victorian Lure

The Victorian Lure
Calum’s Curse Ardetha Vampyre
Book 1
Sky Purington

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 1601549903
ASIN: B00654CY2W

Number of pages: 310
Word Count: 80,000 words

Book Description:

Is it true love...or is the magnetic pull just another part of the Victorian's lure?

Dakota Allerton depends on no one but herself, but then she's never needed a ghost hunter. When her dream home becomes a house of horrors that is holding her hostage, her only hope is a Scotsman who investigates the paranormal.

The supernatural is nothing Leathan Stewart can't handle. However, trapped in Dakota's cursed Victorian home, he finds himself falling back in time. Only those who persevere can survive the dark domination.

Fear has a way of drawing two people together...but so does the need to be loved. Dakota and Leathan must fight against unknown enemies, discover the secrets of Calum's Curse and defeat a vampire bent on finishing the legacy it began.

My review:

A great start to the trilogy.  A true story about a haunted house and a curse that can follow though generations.

First we meet Dakota, a software designer who is living in an old Victorian.  But she has a tragic memory of something that has happened in her past.  However this event did end up with her coming to America and being who she is and where she is now.  She has a pretty scarey event happen one night while she is on her computer working.  This leads her to contacting the Worldwide Paranormal Society to come and help.

Leathan is the leader of the Society and is the only one that can reach Dakota where she is trapped in the house.  He feels an instant connection with her and together they are at first the only ones that can see some of the strange events happening around them.  The house is changing, trying to fulfill a vampires wishes and everyone is in danger.

This story has it all - ghosts, vampires, mysteries and romance.   There are twists and turns throughout that lead to amazing discoveries and revelations.  None of which any of the crew were expecting.  I read this as an ebook and am strongly considering ordering a hard copy to add to my keeper shelf.  I am looking forward to the next two in the trilogy and can only hope they are as good as this one.  It was an excellent paranormal romance story and I am glad I read it.


  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed The Victorian Lure, Donna! And thanks so much for the great review. :-)

  2. Just catching up with you on your Blog Tour Sky. Congratulations on a wonderful review. I can fully endorse everything Donnas said, having read the Victorian Lure myself. Not just because your my friend either - but it really is a wonderful captivating read, with plenty of sizzling romance that does nothing to slow down the suspense or action. Wishing you many, many sales, dear friend.