Monday, July 23, 2012

Review - The Demon Side

When worlds collide… Every kid has problems. Every kid has even more problems when they move to a new home. But when a kid with problems moves to a new home that has a Demon living inside it—look out! Etta’s world is about to spin out of control when she encounters her new roommate—and Rahovart, that ancient trickster, is in for a few surprises too. So don’t mind all the crashing and rumbling; that’s just the normal noise Angels and Demons make when they’re fighting an epic war in the attic. One thing’s for sure: Etta and Rahovart will have to go through Hell to Heaven and back again before that old Victorian home in Quantico Town finally quiets down…

My review:

This is not your average demon tale. And I am not sorry about that at all. From the little I knew about this book starting it I wasnt sure what to expect. I was happily surprised by what I found. This is a great story from a new author that I cant wait to read more from.

This is a story about demons, angels and a girl who can see them. We have mystery, action, paranormal and a touch of romance. Ra who is our main character is not your typical demon. Yes he works for the evil side and is supposed to encourage people to be bad so they end up in Hell. But you really get a feeling he just doesnt care. His origins as a demon as mysterious as well. He has this history that he doesnt quite remember. And we get to discover this history with him. We also get to see him interact with another demon, angels and the humans that have moved into his house.

The story moves at a quick pace and you dont want to put it down once you start. It is completely unexpected and the ending was fantastic and completely surprising. I seriously can not wait to see what we get next from the author.

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