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Interview - Carrie Salo - The Sounding

An interview with thriller author Carrie Salo

Please describe your novel twitter style 140 characters or less.

The Sounding centers on the final prophecy in the book of Revelation and how events in today’s world might bring that prophecy to early fulfillment.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before you tried to get published?

I wish I had known more about agents when I was first trying to become a published author.  While agents do still have their place in the publishing world, that place is getting smaller as the publishing world opens up because of e-books, social media and easier access to everyday readers.  I spent a long time believing I could not sell a novel without an agent, despite hearing plenty of good advice to the contrary.  As soon as I let that go and decided that no one could sell The Sounding better than myself, I found a fantastic publisher very quickly.  It was a lesson that took me a while to learn… 

What to you is the best part of being a writer and what is the part you wouldn’t mind giving up?

The best part of being a writer is sharing your imagination with others.  I love feeling like I was able to take a reader away from their reality and help them re-imagine the world, for better or for darker.  I get so excited about certain stories – sharing them and seeing them excite someone else is definitely the best part.

One of the things I wouldn’t mind cutting out of the author experience is the promotion heavy, commercial nature of the publishing industry.  It is no longer enough to write a good book.  As an author, you also have to be a great speaker, a standout blogger, a savvy marketer, and there are even studies out there that indicate it’s helpful to be good looking if you want to sell books!  It’s a much bigger, more multi-faceted job than I ever imagined.  It can take you way out of your comfort zone and your real talent zone if you are someone who just loves to write. 


What city would you love to set a story in but the right one hasn’t come along yet?

Hmm…I would love to set a story in New Orleans.  That city already has so much mystery oozing out of its streets…plus I try to visit every place I write about.  It helps me bring the setting to life for the reader.  I could certainly use another trip back to the Big Easy for recon…

Vampires, Shifters, Zombies, Angels - who wins the final ultimate battle?

I’m going to go with angels on this one. Vampires are formidable (according to several myths, vampires are actually fallen angels doomed to roam the earth), shifters are unpredictable, and zombies are, well, brain dead and hungry.  But, angels are the warriors created by God.  Though they are often depicted as cherubs or graceful beings with wings, the Bible describes them as anything but cute.  For some chilling passages, take a quick read through the end of Genesis and the descriptions of the angels that guard the Garden of Eden. 

You can stake a vamp, shoot a shifter, and decapitate a zombie.  But if God sends an angel to take you out…   

If you could witness any historical event past, present or future what would it be and why?

I’m a fan of endings.  My favorite stories all have incredible, satisfying ends.  So, I think, if I could choose, I would like to see what the end is for humankind.  Whatever that is, however far or close (Mayan 2012 anyone?).  I’d like to catch a glimpse.

Anything else you would like to share today?

I’d just like to encourage readers to remember to give new authors a chance.  We don’t necessarily have the USA Today reviews or the end caps at Barnes & Noble (yet!).  But, we do have new ideas and new stories and new voices.  More likely than not, the next big reading sensation is going to come from one of us.      


Carrie Salo is a dark storyteller and emerging author of supernatural thrillers.  Classically trained at an Ivy League university, she studied the works of master storytellers seven stories underground in the muffled heart of one of the world's largest libraries.  Carrie looks to wield unrelenting suspense in her own exploration of all things (especially true things) that keep us awake at night.  Her extensive travels have led her to many haunted places, including the private, underground catacombs of the Vatican.  The Sounding is her debut novel. 

Visit her at: www.carriesalo.com

The Sounding
By Carrie Salo

Book Description:

In the Book of Revelation, a man named John has a prophetic dream.  He dreams of the final prophecies that will come to pass – and the seven archangels that guard them.  Each angel waits to sound their trumpet at God’s appointed time, preparing humanity to fight and win the final battle.

2,000 years later, Father Chris Mognahan is a member of the Hetairia Melchizedek, a secret society within the Catholic Church that studies Biblical omens. The society asks Chris to investigate an unusually grotesque crime – a murder on a college campus where the killer's hand literally burned off the victim's face.

While the killing seems isolated at first, the society ties the murder to the final Biblical prophecy and a terrifying omen that the order of the prophecies is about to be disrupted. The final battle is coming too soon – long before humanity is prepared to win it.

Suddenly, Chris finds himself fighting against time and hell to keep the prophecies in order and stop an early Armageddon. He is joined by a band of unlikely allies, and together they find themselves in Rome above the Vatican Necropolis – the city of the dead – where the future is revealed to them in ancient texts.

They are not alone, however; an evil as old as time itself hunts them. As they travel across continents on their mission, the demonic force follows relentlessly, waiting in every shadowed corner, and every dark place.

As Armageddon descends, Father Chris finds that his only hope lies in a young woman within the group who has a secret gift – and their belief that God Himself may have sent her to keep the final angelic trumpet from sounding out the early end of the Earth.

View the book trailer: http://youtu.be/K4Pp8F3A298  

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