Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review - Dragon Rising (The Hidden 0.6)

Clues left by her missing father lead Lyra to a gorgeous, mysterious Caido, a descendent of fallen angels. When she discovers that his brother is also missing, she's determined not to let the exasperating man shut her out.

The last thing Archer needs is an emotional Dragon at his side, especially one whose heat reaches beyond the icy walls he, and all Caidos, must erect for good reason. Working together? Smart. Falling in love? Foolish…and inescapable.

My review:

A short, quick read that full of action, suspense and romance.  This along with Dragon Mine are leading up the release of Dragon Awakened.  And I cant wait.  The story has great characters and a great plot.  

Lyra and Archer dont initially get along.   One is a Dragon while the other is a Caido, which is a Fallen Angel.  The two are as opposite as they can get and have their fair share of issues.  Watching them come together to find her missing father and his missing brother is a journey and experience not to be missed.

I am looking forward to seeing how this series progresses.

Review - Dragon Mine (The Hidden 0.5)

His Dragon, her magick, a dark mystery, and hot sparks!

Kirin is summoned home to Miami when his father goes missing--the man who ruined his life, and his relationship with Elle, by being a suspect in her mother's disappearance. When he runs into Elle, sparks fly, especially when he discovers her father is missing, too. Suspecting that their disappearances are linked, they must combine his Dragon power and her magick to find the truth in the darkest shadows. But as their desires flare again, can their burning passion overcome their past—or the danger that the future holds?

My Review:

A short, quick read that starts the introduction to The Hidden series to come out soon.  

Kirin is a dragon that has been living away from home for a while, trying to make a life away from the woman he loves.  Elle has stayed in Miami and worked with her father, never thinking she will see Kirin again.  When his father goes missing he returns home and is immediately drawn to her as she is to him. However, her father has also gone missing and there is evidence of magick gone awry.

This was a great introduction to the new series.  The world is interesting and similar enough to ours to keep track and understand.  The characters are well developed and even in this short story we get a sense of not only who they are but also their history.  A lot happens but it happens in a way thats easy to follow and keep you interested.  I am looking forward to continuing the series and seeing what happens next.  

New Venture

Hi All!

I know its been a long time since there was a post on here.  And thats because last year I started a new journey with my love of stories.  I am officially working on my own and have been since last year.  I even managed Nano and completed it.  The book is still very much a rough draft but it is coming along.

I have a new site that will be mainly focused on the progress and interesting things I find.  I would love if you would check it out from time to time.  There is not a lot there yet, but it will grow especially as all the ideas I have floating around continue to develop.

I will still continue to mention great books that I have read and are coming out as well, but they will be more mentions and info than in depth reviews.  As you all know there is nothing better than to share what you enjoy with others.

Hope to see you there and talk to you soon.