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Review - Blood and Light

Blood and Light
By Rue Volley

Enter into the world of 16 year old Rue Volley...who up until one fateful night at a party, thought she was "normal" or as "normal" as she could be. But "normal" does not include being a vampire...a truth about herself that she will soon discover.

Rue Volley lives in the quiet little town of Calvary, Minnesota...nestled in the thick woods lining the great lakes. Rue, along with her brother Kai have lived an otherwise calm life up until their Mother was committed into Rolling River Asylum, after she mysteriously stopped speaking to anyone. Rue is convinced by her brother to attend a party on her birthday and after she experiences something that she cannot explain, she and everyone in her world is thrown into madness. Join Rue on this epic journey, 6 books in all, as she struggles with grief, love, humor, old crushes, new found infatuations, hot boys AND vampires, lots and lots of them.

 This first book in the series starts you on a journey that you will find hard to ignore and once you start reading you will be hooked...or perhaps bitten.

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My review:

The author has created an interesting new world of vampires and legends.  And I was really looking forward to reading it and finding out all about this new world of vampires and lore.  These are not your normal everyday vampires that drink blood, they absorb energy and can go out in the day and can use spells and wards and glamour.  They are really a very mixed race of creatures among many of the types of paranormal beings we are used too.  The author really has created a great and interesting new world.

However it is a very long book, which normally wouldn't bother me, but I had a lot of trouble getting into it.  I think its a great story and could make an excellent book and series.  But it started out slow and just ended up dragging a bit too much for me to really get into it and care about the characters.  I think that if the story was tightened up I would have loved it. 

Excerpt - Blood and Light - Rue Volley

Blood and Light
By Rue Volley

Enter into the world of 16 year old Rue Volley...who up until one fateful night at a party, thought she was "normal" or as "normal" as she could be. But "normal" does not include being a vampire...a truth about herself that she will soon discover.

Rue Volley lives in the quiet little town of Calvary, Minnesota...nestled in the thick woods lining the great lakes. Rue, along with her brother Kai have lived an otherwise calm life up until their Mother was committed into Rolling River Asylum, after she mysteriously stopped speaking to anyone. Rue is convinced by her brother to attend a party on her birthday and after she experiences something that she cannot explain, she and everyone in her world is thrown into madness. Join Rue on this epic journey, 6 books in all, as she struggles with grief, love, humor, old crushes, new found infatuations, hot boys AND vampires, lots and lots of them.

 This first book in the series starts you on a journey that you will find hard to ignore and once you start reading you will be hooked...or perhaps bitten.

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Excerpt from Blood and Light

Chapter 17...entitled "Tuning Fork"

This is one of many favorite exchanges that occurred between Rue Volley and Joshua Barrington in my first book in the series I am writing.  Joshua is trying to teach Rue how to "bond" with her blades so that she will become a warrior like him and as usual the situation goes crazy on her, as it always does. Rue is still trying to accept and learn how to be a protector...aka" Vampire", for all intense purposes. This is three pages of chapter 17 and I hope you enjoy it....who knew that fighting with a blade could feel so good:)~Rue

           I gripped my blades and grumbled. He was toying with me now. I'm gonna knock him out. I pressed my hand against the ground and his trail opened up to me...swirling in black color. I flashed forward and I scanned the trees and everything around me. All of a sudden the trail ended and I skidded to a stop. I looked up and rolled out of the way as Josh dropped down from a tree above me. I pushed myself up and left one leg extended as I raised my head to look at him. He flashed towards me and I flipped my blade in my hand and rose up, hitting him in the side as he passed me by. He groaned and skidded to a stop behind me and I spun around. He rubbed his ribs.

"God I wish that you would stop doing that." he said.

"I could have hit you in the "you knows." I said as I looked down his body.

He laughed. "The 'you knows'...I like that."

I smiled and flashed towards him, he twisted his body and I missed him, I almost ran into a tree. I stopped and jerked my head, to move the hair out of my face. He stood there and turned the blades sideways in his hands.

I looked at him and grinned. "You ready to do this for real?" I asked him.

He looked me up and down and grinned. "I'm ready to do all kinds of stuff with you."

"Shut up." I said as I came at him.

He stood his ground and our blades hit, light flashed off of them and my heart started to beat harder in my chest. We stood there, face to face, with blades glowing.

He leaned towards me. "You are getting me hot." he whispered.

I yelled out and slid my blades downward, the metal made a slicing sound as I went down...I ran under him, between his legs and then kicked him in the butt, as I kicked my leg out behind me. He stumbled forward and turned around biting his lip.

I stopped and laughed at him. "Smooth." I said.

He flipped his blades into the ground and they hummed like a tuning fork as they swayed back and forth. He closed his eyes and held his hands out, palms up. I watched as black color started to swirl around his blades, it went upward...almost like a tornado in slow motion. He opened his eyes and his pupils looked black as night. I watched in wonder. I need to know that trick. He placed his hands out over both of his blades as they shot out of the ground and into his hands. A trace of black mist trailed behind them and started to roll around his feet.

"Now I am centered." he said to me.

I gripped my blades tightly in my hands, I suddenly got the feeling that I had not seen him battle for real yet, although I knew this was for sport. He took a stance with me that I had seen from him before. His heartbeat slowed, his breathing slowed, and the glow on his blade pulsated with each breath that he took.

"Okay, I need to know how to do that." I said as I relaxed my hands. He grinned at me.

"I told you that it is all in how you focus. The blades are an extension of you, they feel as you do...if you are not focused, they will not serve you."

I looked down at my blades and then threw them at the ground, they laid there on their sides. I looked up at him and he walked towards me.

"Pick them up." he said kinda forceful.

I leaned down and saw that his feet were right next to mine. I stood up and felt a humming in my body. I think I blushed, but I couldn't tell. He walked behind me and I felt the heat coming off of him. He reached around me from behind and put his hands on mine. I looked down at my blades and he raised my hands just slightly and flipped them towards the ground. I let go and both of my blades stuck out from the ground with that tuning fork hum coming from them, like his had. He held onto my hands and rubbed his thumbs across my palms, I took a breath, a little staggered...I didn't mean too. I felt his breath on the back of my neck. He held my hands out at my sides and placed them palm up.

"Close your eyes." he said calmly. I closed them.

"I want you to feel the metal, cold and hard...listen to the song they are singing to you...it's only for you."

I slowed my breathing and focused on the metal, and it's song. My heart slowed, I could see color swirling behind my eye lids...blue, with traces of silver. He let go of my hands and backed away from me.

"Now look, Rue."

I opened my eyes and saw blue swirls coming out of the ground around my blades, it snaked upward. I opened my mouth and breathed it in, it tasted like honey in my mouth.

"Now place your hands over them and call them to you. You don't have to say it out loud, they will hear you."

I placed both my hands out, palms down over my blades and I called to them. They shot upward and I felt them slip into my hands...for the first time. They felt like they had a heartbeat...my heartbeat. I held them up and watched the blue color swirl on the blades and around my wrists, it felt like a cat rubbing against me while it purred. I grinned as I looked up at Josh, who stood there with no expression on his face.

"Did I do it right?"  I asked.

"Yes...you did. I shouldn't be surprised that you got it on the first try, you are a quick study." He said as he leaned down and turned his blades in his hands. He came at me in a flash and I instinctively spun around, bringing my blades down to my sides. His blade struck mine and I felt an adrenaline rush go through me, unlike any I had ever had. My heart fluttered. he flashed to my ear.

"Feels good doesn't it?" he whispered.

I nodded as he brought his blades up in a blur and I brought mine up to counter him. I sucked in my breath as the metal clashed together. My body hummed and my breathing staggered.

"You need to calm down." he said.

I lowered my head and closed my eyes. I felt like I had just been kissed. I raised my blades and looked at them. I saw my reflection in the metal and my eyes swirled light blue and white. I lowered it and looked at him.

"I feel funny." I said.

He laughed. "Of course you do...fighting with your blades is a seductive experience."

I ran at him in a flash and every move he made, my blades came down and hit his. I started to gasp after the sixth hit and I stopped. I staggered back from him and gripped my blades. I reached up and wiped the sweat from my forehead. He came at me and I countered his every move, with each hit I started to make noises and he stopped. I stood there panting and my eyes felt glossy. I didn't know what I was feeling, but I loved it. He grinned.

"I think you are enjoying this too much." he said.

I flashed at him and suddenly I felt a tremor in my body, I fell to my knees and gasped. I threw my head back and then fell to the ground.

"Oh my God!" I yelled out.

He ran to me and knelt down. I kept my head down and tried to breath. I don't know what just happened, but it was the best feeling in the entire world. Well, I kinda know. I kept my head down, realizing that the embarrassment was coming. I peeked up at him, my face flush.

"I think that I just..." I whispered.

"Holy shit." he said as he touched my back.

I stood up and stumbled, then backed away from him.
"Don't touch me...not right now." I said.

"Listen Rue...it's okay, I should have warned you to control yourself. I just didn't think that you would, ya know...have an orgas.."

"Shut up Josh!"

Smoke and Mirrors
By Rue Volley

Book two in the Blood & Light Vampire series takes Rue, our teenage vampire, even deeper into the rabbit hole that has become her life. This book introduces a deeper look into the vampire city of “Valon” that all vampires derive from…taking a darker turn as you are invited into their world and their lack of compassion for the human race, and even in some cases, a total disregard for their own kind. As the story twists and turns you are also introduced to two new vampires, that of a sister/brother team by the names of “Jonah & Lily” who run a travelling carnival, luring unsuspecting humans into their lair, not only to seduce….but to feed upon.

Rue faces many dangers in this addition, not only from her own kind…but this new vampire breed…that of the rogues, who serve no one but themselves and their own desires. Rue also struggles with her want to be “normal” as she comes to terms with the fact that she is indeed a vampire of great importance, and as she navigates her way through this she is also coming to realize that Joshua Barrington has seduced her and perhaps stolen her heart. Please join us as you find yourself sucked deeper into an epic story in the life of one girl, who although she has good intention, may indeed be her own worst enemy. Book two is more graphic in nature…with language, sexual situations and violence. Sure to make you laugh, cry…and realize that sometimes you find yourself standing at the corner of WTF and OMG.

There are six books in the series, currently books 1 and 2 are available for sale at www.vamptasypublishing.co.uk

Excerpt from Smoke and Mirrors:

This is a slightly sassy scene between "Rue Volley & Joshua Barrington"

“Why are you here?” I whispered.

He grinned.

“Saving all the forest creatures, I guess.” He said.

I looked at him. I don’t know what came over me, I really don’t. I moved forward and pushed him onto his back. I lay down on top of him and touched his face. He looked at me, a little confused.

“What are you doing?” he whispered. 

I pressed my lips against his and he tried to stop me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he tried to say something. I kept kissing him though. He pulled me away from him.

“I have to tell you something…something you need to know.” He said. 

I looked at him and pushed myself up. I started to take my leather off as his eyes got wider. He held his hands up. “I have to talk to you Rue!” he said. I jumped on top of him and leaned forward. I kissed him harder and grabbed at his leather. I started to pull it off of him. I leaned forward and bit his shoulder. I tasted the blood in my mouth. I felt his body tense up and he moaned. I sat up and the blood was on my lips. He looked at me and sat up with me on his lap. He grabbed my hair and kissed me as he rolled me onto my back. He leaned in and bit my neck. I felt his teeth break my skin and I cried out as my legs pulled up. He pulled away from my neck and gently kissed my lips. He suddenly stopped and pulled himself away from me. He stood up and cleared his throat as he paced back and forth. I pushed myself up on my elbows and looked at him.

“Why did you stop?” I said. Josh looked at me, laying there with my shirt off and shook his head.

“You have no idea what I would love to do to you right now…I swear to god.” He said. 

I tilted my head. “Do what you want with me Josh…I want you.” I whispered.
He stopped pacing and stared at me. He pulled his hair and yelled out. I flinched.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked him.

He looked at me. “Oh my god…any other time…I swear to god!...I would mess you up.” He said.

I stood up and started to pull my pants off. He turned and watched me. “Oh god, you have to stop, or I am going to lay you down right here Rue…I promise you.” He whispered. 

“Then do it.” I said as I touched my stomach. He lunged forward and grabbed my hand.

He pulled me to him. “Don’t do that.” He whispered. I took his hand and put his finger in my mouth, I bit it slightly and he made a strange noise as he moved back, away from me. 

He stood there looking at me. “I want you so badly, I want to bite you in the worst places.” He said. I flashed to him and placed my hand on his, I put it on my breast and he shuddered.
About Rue Volley:

Rue Volley lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her two pugs "Momo" & "Oshi" and her fantastic and supportive husband, Von. She attended Catholic Schools her entire life and ended up playing in an alternative rock band at the age of 18. She played music, specifically guitar, violin and handled vocals for the band, up until 2004, then she met her now husband, Von, and moved from Ohio to Indiana and started to work in retail management.

She spent the next 6 years running clothing stores and then she started to write, producing the 6 book vampire series in a little under 11 months.

She released the first book, "Blood & Light", on authorhouse in 2010, which is a self publishing company, and within 6 months sold over 2000 copies of the first installment, she was then noticed and picked up by Vamptasy Publishing in the UK and now the entire series will be available through Vamptasy. Rue splits her time between writing and photography now and plans on continuing the series, possibly for 2 more installments. She is also working on a new series, about a teenage witch, and plans to release this series sometime in 2012 through Vamptasy too. Rue is completely dedicated to her art and to her fans...and believes that if you think you can do something, it is as good as done.

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Review - Concrete Pearl

Ava “Spike” Harrison might be a beautiful, classically schooled woman, but the single, 38 year old construction business owner is also plenty ballsy. Her late father taught her long ago how to handle the rough boys in an industry that’s almost entirely filled with hard-boiled men on the make. But now, with “the business dad built” from the ground up failing due to an unusual series of job-site injuries and just plain bad luck, Spike has no choice but to take on one last project she believes can pull the fledgling commercial firm from the depths of almost certain bankruptcy and family shame: The Renovation of Albany PS 20.

Problem is, Spike had no choice but to take the job on the cheap or, what’s known in the industry as, “at cost.” To make matters worse, she’s not only hired an asbestos removal contractor who, unbeknownst to her, low-balled his price, but she’s advanced him $10Gs from her own dwindling cash account as a “good faith” incentive to beat the project deadline.
Now, when that same asbestos contractor goes missing and it’s discovered by OSHA officials that he’s cheated on the project exposing more than 300 students to deadly asbestos fibers for months, the ever responsible Spike takes matters into her own callused hands and goes in search of him. What she discovers along the way however, is a path paved with deception, greed, murder, and eventually, her own ultimate demise.

My review:

This is another great mystery thriller from Zandri.  If that is the type of book you like than you will not be disappointed.

Spike is a great character.  She is interesting and complex and you can really picture her in the scenes.  You understand how she acts and why she does what she does and you want her to solve the mystery and save herself and her fathers company.

With her is a great cast of supporting characters.  Tommy, her right hand man.  Spain, the PI that finds her and offers his assistance, but has his own agenda as well.  Farrell the contracter she hired to remove the asbestos.  The supporting cast is just as imporant and well descibed and imaged as the main character of Spike.

This is a story that keeps moving and keeps you moving right along with it.  There are no breaks.  And you don't want one.  Its a fantastic story of greed and corruption in a construction setting that grabs you from page one and doesn't let you go until you reach the end.

If you are looking for a new book to read or even a new suspense author.  Pick this one up right away.

All Things Urban Fantasy: Guest Blog & Giveaway: Nancy Holzner “Bloodstone” ...

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Stuck In Books: Dark Days Author Event and GIVEAWAY

Stuck In Books: Dark Days Author Event and GIVEAWAY: I am pleased to announce that I will be at the Boulder, Colorado Dark Days author event. I will be taking pictures, tweeting ( @pitchda...

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Review - Voice

Local rock band Ragman is finally taking off. Stephanie Case’s flamboyant performances and scorching guitar work have started attracting crowds, and singer John Tsiboukas—aka Johnny Tango—is delivering the best performances of his life. After months of playing to dead rooms, it looks like success is at hand.

The thing is, there’s something wrong with Johnny’s voice. Until just a few weeks ago, he couldn’t hit the right pitch if you painted a target on it and let him stand real close. Now he sounds amazing. . . and strange things happen every time he sings. Lights burn out. Whole rooms become cold and hushed. People get violent.

For Johnny and Case, Ragman is a ticket out of a life of meaningless, dead-end jobs and one lousy gig after another, but as the weirdness surrounding Johnny begins to turn into outright nightmare, they find that the price of stardom might be higher than either of them could ever have imagined.

My review:

We have all heard the urban legend about the blues player/guitarist that goes to the Crossroads and sells his soul for fame, money and success.  But what if it wasnt an urban legend?  That's what you find out in Voice.

John wants to be a rock singer but he has a voice that should be fronting an alternative band instead.  He has a talented band behind him though and nothing can compare to the lead guitarist Case.  When Case gets the stellar reviews John doesnt know what to do.  When after another disappointing show, he meets the mysterious stranger that knows who he is and seems to have an idea of what can help he goes with him.  He ends up at a Crossroads where he meets a man that promises him everything he desires.  After than John becomes Johnny Tango and his vocals blow everyone away.

After that it becomes a story of the band getting success and their first shot at opening on a real tour.  But while this is happening there is still the price to pay.  For this is not talent driven success.  Johnny gets surrounding by a mysterious fan club that follows from show to show and seems to grow as they move.  They also end up surrounded by fights and violent acts that follow them from city to city.  How does the band deal with fame, success and how do they all pay the price for what Johnny did late one night in the Crossroads is the story you can only get by reading the book.

Voice is a well-written novel that takes the classic urban legend and answers the questions of what if? and what is the price that might be paid for such an act.

Book Passion for Life: 900 Follower Giveaway!! (International)

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Stuck In Books: Follower Appreciation Giveaway

Stuck In Books: Follower Appreciation Giveaway: So I've been so busy with hops and tours that I haven't done a Follower Appreciation Giveaway for a while. It's defiantly time. As I appro...

Review and Giveaway - Gabriel's Inferno


PhotobucketGabriel's Inferno
Author: Sylvain Reynard
Professor Gabriel Emerson, a specialist in Dante and the art of seduction, believes he has already earned his exile to the lower circles of hell. Since redemption is impossible, there is no reason to refrain from indulging in a life of pleasurable sin, using his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm as a means to gratify his every whim. But when he meets Julia Mitchell, a brilliant, lovely, and innocent grad student with the achingly familiar eyes of an angel, all of his cynical convictions are challenged. Her mysterious allure and the havoc she wreaks on his self-satisfied existence cause him to lash out at her, while her quiet beauty and innate goodness consistently undermine his control, tempting him beyond measure. Despite surviving a traumatic childhood, nothing has shaken Julia's faith that redemption is possible for everyone-everyone but her. Her unworthiness torments her, since the only man she will ever love has managed to forget her very existence, failing to even recognize her when they reconnect. Too naive to see that Gabriel's hostility is a mask for his increasing obsession with her, Julia forces him to come to grips with his past while she continues to unwittingly torment his senses. His fascination grows into a dangerous preoccupation, for Julia is forbidden fruit . . .
Paperback, 514 Pages
Published April 19, 2011 by Omnific Publishing
ISBN: 9781936305629



My review:

Wow, just wow.  This is a truly epic story that is almost to describe how great it was.  I honestly did not want to put it down from the moment I just first started it.  It was so good I actually read the first 100 pages without stopped and ended up doing it with the final 100 pages as well.

The characters are brilliant and well described and detailed.  They are so complex but well described that you really get a feel for them and what they are experiencing.  Gabriel has many torments in his past and feels like he is living the life of Dante's Inferno.  He meets Julia in his seminar and doesn't recognize her from his past.  But she remembers him.  Julia is there to fulfill her dreams and to save him.  And the book is an emotional roller coaster ride of what they go though during one semester at the University of Toronto.  

If  you are familiar with Dante's Inferno and Beatrice you will appreciate the references made throughout the story.  If you are not familiar it doesn't matter you will still love this story of love, trust and redemption.  Alth0ugh you may also want to find out more about Dante and Beatrice and the story behind the story.  

This is by far one of the best books I have read this year and I already want to re-read it.  If you are looking for something new to read or just a great story.  Pick this up immediately.  I really cant express how great I thought it was.  There's a prologue at the end for another book.  And it is now my most anticipated upcoming release.



I have 1 ebook copy of Gabriel's Inferno to giveaway!  Please leave your email in a comment as well as format of the book you would like.  Giveaway ends on 9/29/11 at 12 PM EST and winner will be chosen using random.org.  Good luck!

Check out KLB's schedule located below for you chance at more chances to win!

Author Twitter Chat : Hashtag:  #GabrielsInferno

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Books Like Stars - YA Book Reviews: 2011 Debut Author Giveaway

Debut Author Giveaway

Books Like Stars - YA Book Reviews: 2011 Debut Author Giveaway: It's September. Already! And I haven't gotten crackin' on my Debut Author books yet. Shame on me. Back in January I also said I w...

 Sparkling Reviews: Giveaway! Win a $25.00 Gift Card to Amazon!

Sparkling Reviews: Giveaway! Win a $25.00 Gift Card to Amazon!: It has been a little while since I have done a giveaway for a gift card and decided that what is better than a gift card to Amazon? Not muc...

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Guest Post - J Corsentino - Time of the Faeries

Guest Blog - The Beauty of Revision

Revise, revise, revise. A novel is only as good as its last revision, so make it count.

This lesson really hits home with me during the writing process for Time of the Faeries: Afterlight, End of the World, the first in a four part graphic novel series.

I have a thorough outline for all four books in the series and completed the first draft for End of the World long before I started doing the photoshoots and photo-illustrations for it. I thought I would save time by concurrently shooting and revising End of the World. It turned out I was very, very wrong.

After completing dozens of photoshoots, and several revisions, it became clear that the graphic novel, still true to my vision, had gained unexpected depth and details. Many of the photoshoots were no longer relevant and that I needed entirely new photo-illustrations for the completely revised and improved End of the World. The phrase “counting chickens” come to mind. We lost several weeks going back to re-shoot.

For the second book in the Time of the Faeries: Afterlight series, Last Gleaming, I will not plan a single photoshoot until I have the final revision in hand.

For most novelists, the writing process is much more straightforward, not requiring any photoshoots, but revisions remain an integral key to making the novel good.

My suggestions? Do a pass by yourself. Stick the novel in a drawer for a couple of weeks while your brain refreshes itself. Take it out again to revise once more. If your novel is only readable on a computer monitor, print it out. Seeing it in a different form (which you can highlight and scribble all over) is incredibly helpful. Invite trusted friends and family, and fellow writers if possible, to read over your novel and give you insight. We call these guys “Beta readers”. Then, put it away again for another couple of weeks before going through the entire process again. The more time you do this, the better your novel will get.

Title: Afterlight: End of the World
Author J. Corsentino
ISBN 978-0-578-08548-7
Size 98 pages
Genre: Full color fantasy art novel
Part 1 Time of the Fairies

Time of the Faeries: Afterlight is a four-part graphic novel series that explore the origins of the Faeries, the evolution of Angels and Vampires from a common Fae ancestor, and their own unique adaptations to the modern world. It follows the alliances and tensions that develop between these three species as they struggle to protect human civilization or shape it to their will. The Afterlight follows several lines of cause and effect, revealing possible versions of the Apocalypse at the hands of all three species.

In the first book, Afterlight, End of the World, we begin at the end with the Angel Apocalypse: a dying Earth, ravaged by war, now hosts only a few scattered pockets of humanity. These last survivors are being hunted to extinction by starving Angels, their energy consumed so that the Angels might live. Below ground, a small band of shape-shifting male faeries called the Phelans struggle to protect the last collection of human life in Los Angeles and a mysterious young girl who may hold the key to their survival. Above ground, as the winged forces amass to complete their genocide, a lone Angel named Halyon struggles to understand what went wrong, and why her race now hunts the very people they were charged to protect. 

The 8 page Prologue is available at http://www.freado.com/read/10047/time-of-the-faeries-afterlight-end-of-the-world in digital book form.

http://www.twitter.com/timeofthefaerie <----no trailing S at the end (Twitter)
http://ow.ly/5WzGZ (Order The Afterlight on Amazon.com)

Praise for Afterlight:
“Love Afterlight! Every image is amazing.” – Rhonda Nolan, Facebook
“Having been a fan of J. Corsentino for several years, I knew the photographs would be visually stunning. What I did not count on was the story being so engrossing. His vision of a dystopian world is unique and engaging.” - Karen Mercer, Amazon.com
“Well, it blew me away how wonderful it turned out to be! Great storyline and plot points and gorgeously re-mastered photographs left a taste of blood for more.” – Wildcat, Amazon.com
“I found myself jumping from the words to the fantastic images, going back and forth through the pages like a hungry wolf wanting more; and yet in the end...I smiled with a certain pleasure you only get when you’re fed the very soul of the pages within. It is an amazing and fantastical journey you will truly enjoy!” - Rhonda R. Napoleon, Beyond Fantasy Magazine


Joseph Corsentino is a storyteller at heart who chooses photography as his medium.  He took his passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy to Los Angeles where he began Time of the Faeries, an epic retelling of the faerie mythology.  His stunning, ethereal, and realistic faeries, angels, and vampires can be seen in private collections and magazines all over the world.  His first book, published by Imaginosis Publishing, is a prologue into the Time of the Faeries universe.  Joseph is currently completing the four-part Afterlight graphic novel series and making appearances at conventions such as Dragon*con.
Some Career Highlights

2007 Time of the Faeries published by Imaginosis Publishing
2007-2011 Artist Guest and Artist Guest of Honor at Faerieworlds Festival
2009-2011 Artist Guest and Artist Guest of Honor at Faeriecon
2008 Artist Guest of Honor at I-Con New York
2008-2009 Artist Guest of Honor at Xanadu Las Vegas
2010 Best Photography Dragon*con Artshow

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Guest Post - J.A. Saare - The Renfield Syndrome

On writing The Renfield Syndrome for my readers

When I was asked to write about the creation of the second book in the Rhiannon’s Law series, The Renfield Syndrome, I didn’t know where to start. The original ending of Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between is very different from the ending everyone has come to love or hate. What started out as a joke with my mother-in-law became a roadblock.  There was no way I could focus on the love story I’d developed in the first book, not with the obstacles I’d thrown in my heroine’s path. I couldn’t write about Rhiannon, Goose, and their misadventures to help lost souls cross to the other side. The entire arc of the series changed with one single decision, taking on new life.

The question became: What did I do with a series that placed the protagonist in a not-so-stable future?

I could lie and say that I sat down and “knew” exactly where I was going with The Renfield Syndrome. I could tell you all of the ideas were clear in mind. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. A few flashes appeared here and there but nothing was concrete. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the series was going somewhere I hadn’t planned, or maybe it was due to the desire to make the second book better than the first. Ending Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between in an enormous cliffhanger meant the pressure was on. That alone caused me to stall, hesitate, and second guess.

Many readers were put off by the length of time between the books. While I understood, I have to say I’m glad I didn’t rush. I developed the story over months, allowing the material come to me instead of forcing it. As a result the characters started guiding me and I didn’t intrude. I remember worrying about a pivotal scene in The Renfield Syndrome, one that will turn off some readers. I stopped writing for almost two weeks because of it, trying to reconcile what was transpiring on the page with what readers would “want.” This persisted for weeks, even after I made up my mind and soldiered on.

That pretty much sums up my experience when I wrote the book.

I can honestly say writing The Renfield Syndrome was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. However, the payoff was wrapping it up and reaching The End. My hope is the book is better than the first. I did everything in my power to deliver something with action, emotion, and depth, although now I face a whole new problem…

Writing the third book.

Wishing you all my best! Happy reading!

Jaime AKA J.A. Saare

About the book:
Vampires, and werewolves, and demons oh my.
Rhiannon thought facing off against a deranged child vampire was the most dangerous task she would ever have to undertake, but she’s about to discover making a deal with a demon is far, far worse. Sent forward into another reality, one in which vampires are now dominating nearly extinct humans, she realizes the sooner she returns to her vampire lover, Disco, the better.
Unfortunately, time changes a lot of things; including those most trusted around her. When she’s faced with a loss and betrayal unlike any she has ever known, her focus shifts from severing the debt between the demon that wants to kill her, to exacting a revenge that will bring forth consequences she never could have fathomed. By reaching out to the darkness lingering within her, she’ll find the strength to push forward despite the circumstances that would see her dead and buried.
After all, when it’s all said and done, all that she has left to lose is her soul.

Paperback, 212 Pages Published Aug 23rd 2011 by Mundania Press
ISBN: 1606592661 (ISBIN13: 978160592663) Book 2 In Rhiannon’s Law
Find Author Here:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Review - The Cowboy and the Vampire

The Cowboy and the Vampire
By Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall
Paperback: 408 pages
Publisher: MIDNIGHT INK Release Date: October 8, 2010
ISBN-10: 0738721611
ISBN-13: 978-0738721613
Reporter Lizzie Vaughan doesn’t realize it, but she has 2,000 years of royal Vampiric blood coursing through her veins. Neither she nor Tucker, her cowboy lover, has any idea that Julius, the leader of the undead, has a diabolical plan to reign over darkness for all eternity—with Lizzie at his side.
Lizzie battles for her life—and her soul—as she and Tucker find themselves caught up in a vampire war, pursued by hordes of Julius’ maniacal, bloodthirsty followers.
Who will be left standing when the sun rises?
Deliciously dark.”—BOOKLIST

Book trailer on youtube:


My Review:

This book is not at all what you would expect when starting a vampire novel.  It is not strictly any one genre but rather a combination of multiple  At some points it reminds you of a classic western while at other times it seems like more of a paranormal romantic suspense.  I thought this did vary a lot depending on what city the story was taking place in at the time.  For example while in Wyoming it is much more of a classic Western, while in NYC its more of the paranormal suspense.

The story was very well-written and the genre mixing happens pretty much seamlessly.  Which is quite a feat in and of itself.  The characters are well developed and interesting.  With their own well detailed backgrounds.  There is also the revised take on the vampire myth.  They take the classic myth and add their own unique twists.

While it was not my favorite of the year I did enjoy reading it and dont regret starting it.  If you are looking for a well-written new vampire twist with some cowboy action thrown in you should definitely pick this one up.  For myself, I am looking forward to seeing what else they have written.

Guest Post and Giveaway - Kathleen McFall and Clark Hays - The Cowboy and the Vampire

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know all About You…
Or “How we came to love Vampires”

Cowboys are easy. I know where your mind went on that, but that’s not what we meant. 

What we meant was that Clark, one-half of The Cowboy and the Vampire, is a genuine, duct-tape loving, cowboy-hat-wearing, knife-wielding, horse-riding, hates-the-phone, aw-shucks Cowboy. (He’s also a vegetarian, a poet and an awesome if reluctant dancer, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) From the perspective of our writing, this life-story meant that we were happily and easily able to meet that sage advice of “write-what-you-know.” Know your cowboy character? Check. 

But Vampires? 

We’ve written on this blog tour elsewhere about how we came to match a cowboy with a Vampire in this opposites-attract love story. In a nutshell, it was modeled after our own romance. Clark, the cowboy, felt like his life’s blood was being sucked out of him by Kathleen, the, um, well not Vampire, but what she represented as the “city-girl.”

As writers, we decided to embrace our cultures-clashing situation and just run with it. If we could make it as co-novelists, marriage would be easy, right? 

But first, the need to understand real Vampires. That took some serious research. Off we went. To our local libraries. To rare book rooms. To Wikipedia (of course) and Vampire parties. We ate lots of popcorn while we watched tons of movies, from Nosferatu all the way up to 30 Days of Night. Academic lectures. Halloween dress-up. Art shows (maybe Edward Munch and Blinky Palermo were Vampires?). Even once to the U.S. Library of Congress where we rummaged through dusty book stacks with almost religious fervor (contact us if you need any source material!).

What did we uncover? 

It’s so MUCH bigger than Dracula. Dracula is a tiny blip on a centuries-old collection of myths, historical anecdotes, suppositions and wishful lies about the undead. 

Vampirism is an anti-religion. Vampirism is humanity’s attempt to explain away evil and human tragedy. If you can’t understand why your baby died in the bubonic plague, chalk it up to Vampirism. Want to have mad sex in the Victorian era without being caught? Accuse a Vampire of ravaging you (rather than naming your hot uncle). You’re a bad farmer, the entire crop is failing and your family will not make it through the winter? Blame it on dead grandpa. Damn, lo and behold when you open his coffin, there’s scratch marks on the wood because he must be undead and poisoning the crops at night (or maybe, he was buried alive and trying desperately to claw his way out…so sad, but that happened a lot). 

And then there’s Lazarus, raised from the dead by Jesus just to hang out, not really for any other identified purpose. That act really got us thinking ... where did Vampires come from? They’ve been around forever, literally, but why was there no creation story? 

That seemed an egregious oversight in Vampire lore. We decided to change it. And while we were at it, why not throw in a new angle from evolutionary biology? 

Our Vampires don’t have fangs, but they are stronger than humans and harder to kill. At dawn, they die completely and are reborn when the sun goes down. That means they have near death experiences every morning and have a shared, external consciousness. 

There are two distinct Vampire lines: the Messianic line, a caste of nobles dating back to the early days of Christianity, and the less refined Reptilian line. The Messianic Vampire bloodline is genetically dormant — humans who carry it must be “turned” by Vampires with a unique power. The Messianic Vampires are guided by a biblical coda requiring them to feed only on evil humans and thus help contain and eliminate evil in the world. They are, by default, the Illuminati. The Reptilians, by contrast, reproduce the old fashioned way and have no biblical moral constraints. Dating back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden, they feed on whomever they wish, whenever they wish and live in a glorious world of immediately-satiated desires.

We pit this new Vampire nation an myth against the familiar myths of our cowboy. 

Like we said, it’s a love story. From a slightly different, undead and terrifying angle. 

About the authors:
Kathleen McFall was born and raised in the heart of Washington, DC, and her experiences there, from protests and riots to hanging out in the corridors of the Supreme Court (located next to the family church, she skipped church a lot) and wandering around the Capitol, filled her sense of place with history and granite. A geologist by training, she excelled in scientific and non-fiction writing, translating complex scientific papers into engaging articles. Those skills are now focused on paranormal fiction. An avid reader, she spends every spare moment working with Clark Hays on their next book Blood and Whiskey.

Clark Hays was born in Texas and grew up in Scotland and then Montana where he was raised on a working ranch doing all the expected cowboy things — riding, roping, hunting, branding cattle and writing poetry. The openness of the landscape and the solitude (the nearest neighbor was five miles away, the nearest town – 2,500 people – was 30 miles away) provided a constant source of inspiration, very little distractions and a chance to really be alone with his thoughts. In this solitude, he found his calling — writing — early. He’s currently working on Blood and Whiskey with Kathleen McFall. 

Follow us on Twitter: @cowboyvamp

And check out the novella Red Winter, by Clark Hays, edited by Kathleen McFall, released exclusively as an e-book in August. What happens when the first Vampire makes it to the Old West in 1890? 

About the book:

The Cowboy and the Vampire
By Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall
Paperback: 408 pages
Publisher: MIDNIGHT INK Release Date: October 8, 2010
ISBN-10: 0738721611
ISBN-13: 978-0738721613
Reporter Lizzie Vaughan doesn’t realize it, but she has 2,000 years of royal Vampiric blood coursing through her veins. Neither she nor Tucker, her cowboy lover, has any idea that Julius, the leader of the undead, has a diabolical plan to reign over darkness for all eternity—with Lizzie at his side.
Lizzie battles for her life—and her soul—as she and Tucker find themselves caught up in a vampire war, pursued by hordes of Julius’ maniacal, bloodthirsty followers.
Who will be left standing when the sun rises?
Deliciously dark.”—BOOKLIST

Book trailer on youtube:

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