Friday, May 31, 2013

Review and Giveaway - Blood Descent

Blood Hunters, Book 3

Ebook $2.99

A child is born...into the final showdown of Vampire and Hunter

The face of a killer, the heart of a lost child…

Konrad once led the legendary first team of Hungarian vampire hunters. Now, refusing to ally with the undead, he goes his own way, slaughtering vampires across the length and breadth of Europe.

The dying thoughts of one such vampire send Konrad to Britain in search of a dangerous instrument that  might be just what he needs in his obsessive war with undead overlord Saloman – a war he’s determined to win at any cost. The only being who can lead him to the instrument and its current, evil possessor, is sexy, mysterious, young Glaswegian vampire Maggie, who holds herself aloof from her own kind.

Maggie sees much more than Konrad’s anger and cruelty. She makes it her mission to reach beyond the horrors of his past and find the man he should have been. Difficult, when he threatens her heart as well as everything she believes in; and when her whole being clamors for his body and his blood.

While journalists circle, about to break the news of vampire existence on mainstream television, Elizabeth Silk labors to give birth to Saloman’s daughter: and Maggie plays a dangerous game that risks everyone for her belief in one troubled man.

My review:

I love this series and the one that came before it.  So I was very happy when we got to Konrad's book.  I couldnt wait to find out what was going to happen with him.  He is such an interesting character with all the changes that have gone on in his life and the purposes of the hunters.  

In this volume we find out more about Konrad and his abilites.  We discover more about what happened to change him into the merciless vampire hunter that he has become.

At the same time we are introduced to Maggie.  While Maggie is a vampire, she doesnt act how Konrad believes a vampire should act.  This comes to cause great conflict as he has to work with her to get closer to his goal.  But at times has trouble remembering why he should hate her.

Maggie believes Konrad is not a lost cause to the vampire/hunter peace.  And as we watch them interact and get to know one another we hope as well that she is right and is able to overcome the ideas that have come to run his life.

This was an excellent story in the series about the legendary hunter team.  The characters are interesting, the story flows and you cant help but keep reading to find out what happens next.  I am hoping there will be more in this world coming and am looking forward to seeing whats next. 


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  1. Hi Donna! Thanks for spotlighting my Blood Hunters, and reviewing BLOOD DESCENT! So glad you enjoyed Konrad's story too :).

    Waving to Donna's readers!

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  2. This is a very generous giveaway! Reveiw was goodcant wait to read this thank you