Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review - Violet Midnight

Violet Midnight
Violet Night, #1
ISBN: 9781937254810
Amazon Paper: http://amzn.to/TICHVl  
Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/RzVLHT

Book Blurb for Violet Midnight:

Let the Hunt begin….
Blending in with her college co-eds proves difficult for vampire Hunter, Emma Martin, considering the mystical tattoo on her wrist glows whenever Vamps are near. And after three months of silence, the glow is back with a vengeance.
Jake Cunningham witnesses Emma, a violet-eyed beauty, using unimaginable powers to fight off a fanged creature. Finally, after two years of searching, he may have found out what he’s become—a Hunter, like Emma.
Thankful for an ally in the fight against the Vamps, Emma finds hope and comfort in Jake’s arms. As she learns more about her new love’s family and its dark heritage, she may be forced not only to hunt them but to sacrifice her life to save Jake’s soul.
“Rush hooked me from page one! Fast-paced, gripping, this tale of vampire hunters is full of action and suspense. A great read! Buffy had better watch out…Emma Martin is one hunter to watch!” -Cynthia Eden, National Best-selling Author

***A portion of all proceeds benefits cancer research and awareness***
My review:

Fantastic start to a new series.  I was hooked from the beginning.  The story is full of great characters, believable settings and plenty of action with a touch of romance.

Emma is not your typical college student.  After a terrible accident she wakes up with a mysterious tattoo that glows whenever a vampire is near.  She also has new abilities that help her not only fight but kill the vampires she runs across.

Jake is new in town and at the school.  And he also has a mysterious tattoo that appeared 2 years earlier.  Unlike Emma he has not figured out what his means yet.  But upon meeting her he think he might have found the answer.  

Unfortunately what they dont know is that there is a reason the vamp attacks are increasing and they are showing up in greater numbers.  They end up in a race against time to figure out what is going on and what it means not only for them but for their friends as well.

I really loved this book and Emma and Jake.  I wanted everything to work out for the best and when the story had its twist adding more suspense I couldnt put it down until I found out what happened.  Excellent author and story teller and I cant wait to read more of her books.  Looking forward to finding out what happens next in this series as well.  I hope we dont have to wait too long. 

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