Monday, May 9, 2011

Guest Post - Rye James - A Soul Worth Taking

Thank you for hosting me today and letting me talk about my latest book, called A Soul Worth Taking It's the first book in a four book series called The Evil Series. It’s a paranormal book with some horror tones in it. Without giving too much away, the main character is a man named Mike Moore, who goes through a terrible tragedy. Before he recovers from this tragedy, he is visited by two mysterious strangers. One is the devil, who sees his weakened state of mind as an opportunity to acquire another soul, before he pulls himself out of it. The other is an angel, who is sent to look over him, and guide him through these dark days. What transpires is a personal struggle to do what's right or to seek revenge over what he's been put through.

I've written four Westerns and a Thriller, so this is definitely the darkest book I've written. The idea for the series actually came when reading an article about shadow creatures. It was so interesting that I tried to figure out how to incorporate that into a book. Then as I started outlining I kept coming up with ideas about different situations that evil can exist and taunt, so one book gradually became four. The original idea of the shadow creatures has turned into book 3, which is called Shadow Man. Book 2 is tentatively being called The Woods. Book 4 is yet to have a working title. The Woods should be released sometime in July or August, with Shadow Man following a couple months behind that, hopefully October. I would like to get book 4 released in December, but I won't rush it just to beat a deadline.

The reason for writing the series is to hopefully expand my fan base. 80% of my work so far has been Westerns, which isn't exactly the most popular genre, though I've gotten a lot of good feedback and people who seem to really enjoy them. I don't want to be known as just a Western writer, and be able to release three or four different genres and have readers follow along with whatever book is released. I'm excited about the book and the series. I think it has a chance to be pretty successful. Hopefully readers think so too and they read and enjoy it.

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Thanks for having me!

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